This is very long overdue, THANK YOU!
(After much child-specific information:)
Bottom line, thank you again for your hard work, patience, persistence and encouragement. We couldn't have gone through this past two year process without you.


I want to thank you, albeit belatedly, for your help and support in helping with his applications - much time was spent, I know, above and beyond what we had agreed, and I believe it made a real difference in both his applications and in his comfort and stress level in getting them all out. You are an amazing woman and a superbly good egg. Thank you so much. With appreciation and affection,



I want to thank you again for all of your help during this college application process. You have helped me turn a point in my life that would be such a struggle into something that I can be confident and excited about. I look forward to our continued progress and I am happy that this turning point in my life is with someone of such a generous and open heart.

I am happy to write and tell you that this spring (2016) I will begin classes at Stony Brook as a Biomedical Engineering student. Looking back at this transfer process, I do not believe I would have made such thoughtful considerations of schools to apply to, or have written my essays so superbly, without your help. My family and I deeply appreciate your efforts towards helping me find a fulfilling career path.

Transfer Student, 2015

Thank you so much for all of your help. Honestly I couldn't have done any of it without you. You made the whole process so much more manageable, which was super helpful with everything I had on my plate at school, and you totally nailed all of the potential places for me to go. Thanks again, I'll miss working with you!

Student, Class of 2015

Susan began some pro-bono work with the Yonkers Partners in Education in September, 2013, and this is what her students had to say:

AG: Meeting Susan helped my college application process in immeasurable amounts. What I have gained personally and academically from working with her, I will carry for the rest of my life.

WA: The college process is often a long and daunting process, but I am happy to say that Susan definitely helped change that. I really appreciated her expertise and all of her support.

AR: Choosing colleges can be difficult, especially when writing essays and making the grade. Susan helped me with a plethora of essays, personal statements, and applications. She also offered advice about college life and had wonderful stories about her experiences, so she builds a personal connection to you.

AA: Susan has helped me with my college essay, making it better than it ever was. She also helped me with the college process a lot. Susan was a great help.

GMR: One of the most difficult parts of applying to college was writing my essay. It stressed me out and gave me the utmost anxiety. When I met with Susan, it all melted away. She provided her time and full attention, which made me feel secure with my final essay. Her advice was beyond helpful and I'm so glad I had the pleasure of meeting her.

UN: One of the most important and difficult decisions that one will make is about college. This was a really hard process and having someone around was really helpful. For me it was Susan.

RI: I had such a struggle in writing my personal essay. I trusted her with reading my personal story. I was so happy when she gave me writing advice and helped with my college choices.

FA: The college application process is one of the most difficult aspects about senior year in high school. However, with the help of Ms. Susan, I was able to write a personal essay that captivated my college admissions counselors. Also, I was given several useful pieces of advice on what colleges to apply to in Texas and I was very grateful for her help.

VG: You were helpful in a patient manner that allowed me to expand my thinking, make the essay more personal and connected to me, and overall improve the flow of the essay.

EU: Susan you were so helpful during the college process. You were patient, fully understanding what I need help with and drastically helped with my college essay. Thank you for all your help and kindness.

KM: Susan, you helped me so much during the college process. When I look at my first college essay, I think about how you helped me enhance it so much. Now my essay expresses me as a person and I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much for your help and I hope you continue helping other students as well.

I cannot thank you enough for all the guidance and assistance you have provided me and my daughter during the college application process. I thought researching and applying to colleges was going to be a difficult and time consuming undertaking but your collaboration made it a smooth and seamless process. From our initial meeting back when she was just a freshman, I knew you would be the solution to our problem. As a single working parent I was dreading this process and you made it thoroughly enjoyable. Your knowledge and expertise have made this project a painless and even pleasant experience for both of us.

I am impressed with the vast amount of knowledge you have regarding so many different colleges. It was particularly helpful since she was applying to both Marine Science schools and Musical Theater programs! Your recommendations were spot on! I was thrilled with how much you helped us with colleges all across the country. It was very reassuring to know you had real world experience with students at so many varied colleges.

From the time we started working with you, you empowered my daughter to take ownership of the admission process. I cannot thank you enough for having her work independently yet adhere to the timelines established. I have never seen her more organized and energized than when she was planning for your meetings! She took your advice on what tests she should be taking and scheduled them herself. She even planned our out-of-state visits and itinerary of tours! She stayed on task and was able to apply for Early Action decision to many of her top choices. Without your advice and supervision this would have been a monumental undertaking. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work and instruction. You are a life saver, a sanity saver! So far she has been accepted at all of the schools she has heard back from, and now we are facing decision time! I wish you could make the choice since I know THAT will be exasperating!


Dear Susan,

I just want to thank you for your work with my son. Your coaching skills have empowered him to achieve his goals. He was accepted into every college that he applied to and now, two years later, has met with tremendous success. Your support and guidance has helped him to be selected for a prestigious award and an internship at an Ivy League University. When we first met a few years ago, we were concerned that there were challenges that might interfere with my son's success. Your expertise has taught him how to present himself in a professional way and has helped to open many doors for him.

We are looking forward to working with you as my younger children begin the college journey. You have a unique way of organizing this process and getting it done.



Words can never express the total gratitude and joy we feel for the masterful professional guidance and genuine care college coach Susan Smith demonstrated as she supported our daughter (and us !!) through the epic college application process. Susan provided exceptional expertise and insider understanding throughout the entire process. She helped our daughter maintain perspective, confidence and balance. She was a joy to work with!

Our daughter was on the Ivy League track since she entered High School - her Dream: to attend Harvard or Yale. She made her intention clear to her high school counselors from day one. So, naturally, we wanted to make sure we found a coach who could guide effectively and be there to support her through the grueling application process. We were very fortunate to have found Susan Smith. Her expertise, great humor, altruism, professionalism and genuine caring for our student was way more than we could ever have imagined. Susan knew exactly what tone our daughter needed to feel secure and confident from the initial stages through the final decision - which came to choosing between three top tier Ivy League universities and full scholarship opportunities. She chose Harvard!

Rather than telling our daughter what to do, Susan led her to be aware of her own instincts and feel confident in her choices. Her expertise validated our daughter’s instincts and helped her maintain her confidence throughout the entire application process. Susan's a winner!!!

BM and JT
Wilmington, NC

I just wanted to thank you so much for writing that letter of recommendation. I've been doing my best to do everything I can to work towards getting into the social work department and for grad school and everything else that is to come after college. Your recommendation definitely made an impact and was much appreciated. Thank you for looking over my essay as well. Thank you for everything, really. You've been a HUGE help throughout highschool and now through college, I really couldn't ask for a better mentor in my life. You've been so unbelievably helpful and I don't know where I would be without you and your help. Thank you SO SO much for everything, it really means the world to me. I don't have a reply as to whether or not I got into the social work school yet but you will be the first person I tell when I do! Hope everything is well, see you soon I'm sure!


"I know I've told you how much we appreciate everything you have done for us, but I want to say it again. Gaby is happy and in a wonderful school and it's all thanks to you. You do more than just your job, you care about your kids and it shows. Had the application process been left up to me, I'm not sure the results would have been the same. Gaby's future is up to her, but you have given her the opportunity for a great start."

Templeton, MA

"When Susan Smith (Bedford Educational Consulting) says, "Oh, don't stress. This process is so much easier then you think. Just keep spending quality time with your wonderful child," she means it, but the reality is that SHE made this process easy and we could not have gotten through this stressful time without her.

Susan's warm-hearted and understanding manner with young adults (and parents) moves this process along quickly and smoothly. Susan knows completely what it takes to get this job done. And I am forever grateful and continue to spend quality time with my son, as she suggested.

Stamford, CT

"I definitely could not have gotten my college applications done without Susan Smith. She helped me put together my essays and get all the information I needed to get the applications done right. She made it easy because she is kind and easy to talk to and she is interested in who you are as a person.

Ms. Smith is not only your college counselor but your friend and someone you would go to and talk things over. She really wants to see you succeed and get into the college that's the right fit for you and she goes out of her way to make sure that happens."

Stamford, CT

The application process for college can be incredibly daunting; with the help of Susan Smith applying was easier than I could have imagined. She was invaluable for my essay writing, even helping me get an “essay based scholarship” at one of the institutions I applied to. She paces the process so well that nothing seems overwhelming. A time that was so stressful for all of my friends was relatively effortless for me, which was undoubtedly due to her help.

Four years later she is currently helping me apply to graduate schools and I couldn’t be happier.


Both of my children have worked with Susan in the college application process. My children, a boy and a girl, have completely different personalities, aspirations, and needs. By providing individualized suggestions and strategies, Susan was able to capture the essence of both of our children and explore their individual interests and abilities. Her motivational style and positive humor nurtured them along the very intimidating path of the college application process. As a school social worker I feel uniquely qualified to assess the qualities of professionals working with students. It is without reservation that I recommend Susan’s services.


Susan Smith has ushered my three children through the complicated, confusing and often mind numbing experience of applying to college. She has done it with grace and ease. More importantly, my kids have come home from their sessions with her wearing smiles, not tears.

Our family is a great lab for judging Susan's talent because each of my children are very different from each other in terms of academics, interests and the kinds of colleges where they wanted to apply. She helped place one of our kids in a large university, where she is happy with every aspect of college life; another in a small, demanding liberal arts college, and a third who is in the process of applying to very rigorous universities that match his interest in pre-med, athletics and the arts!

She has helped my children narrow their focus to schools where they will not only thrive academically, but socially as well. She knows many colleges that are excellent choices but not necessarily name brands. She has gently steered them in the right direction but also respects their opinions and desires, as well as my pocketbook. All my kids agree that they could not have gone through the college process as smoothly as they did without her guidance. I certainly would not have been able to.

Susan is the ultimate professional, but she is also a warm hearted, funny person who loves students and takes a serious interest in their success.