For Students


When the college admission process begins, students and their families have a lot to consider. You want to get the best education possible, but there’s so much more to the college experience! Will you meet new and interesting people? Can you play your favorite sport? Does the school have spirit? Are there extracurricular activities such as music and theater available to you? Are there fraternities and sororities? Will you be in a place that you enjoy?

You deserve to get all you want out of college, so making the right college decision is important. It's not just hard to get into a school; it's hard to know what you’re getting into. College books and Internet sites can be misleading.

Bedford Educational Consulting can help you present yourself to colleges in an organized and confident manner. We will work with you and your family to ensure that the colleges are seeing the best you have to offer and that you are applying to schools that are suited to your requirements.

The Facts

There are more high school-age students applying to college today than in years past.

This means that there are more high-achieving students applying to the same highly selective schools. In a nutshell, it's tougher to be admitted to highly selective schools today than in previous decades. Students today need stronger transcripts, higher scores and better counseling throughout the application process. The primary factor in most college admissions is the high school transcript.

Colleges want to see that students have tried to challenge themselves by taking the toughest courses their high school has to offer.

This means that you’re better off with a B in an Advanced or Honors course than an A in a regular, college-prep course. Of course, your best bet is an A and an AP! Even if you are unable to take AP courses in your junior or senior years, you should take the most rigorous ones you can. That way, colleges know you are working hard and preparing for the challenges ahead.