Getting Started


Application Process

When you have chosen the colleges to which you want to apply, you can obtain the appropriate applications directly from the colleges by downloading them, or complete them online. Most colleges prefer the use of online applications. Read the instructions carefully and follow them.

Many colleges recommend that you send your application early in your senior year. Watch the deadlines for specific colleges as well as for particular programs within a university. The college's websites will always state what the deadlines are, and are your best sources for noting any changes. Most colleges require a non-refundable application fee to be sent with the application, but that too should be checked online. Fees are often waived by using the Common Application or by applying online.

If you wish to apply for a scholarship and/or financial aid, a separate scholarship or financial aid application may be called for. See the section on financial aid for more information.

Most high schools have bought Naviance programs for their students, which work in conjunction with the Common Application and manage those applications, teacher and transcript requests. Make sure that you are familiar with your school's college application procedure and follow it.

Completing the Application

Read application directions carefully. If there are questions you do not understand, consult with your counselor. Make sure you are up-to-date with your Naviance account.

Most college applications are on-line and all encourage electronic submissions; many are members of The Common Application. Notify your counselor of all applications you are submitting, and be certain to print a copy for yourself. Remember that the counselors may need up to two weeks to process your transcript.

Information you may need:

- number of students in your graduating class
- your rank in class
- date of graduation
- your Social Security number

When the application has been completed, review it and make a photocopy of it for your records before turning it in to your counselor.