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Journal News Sept 16, 2010

Why Hire an

Independent Counselor?

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For over twenty years, College Counselor Susan Smith has been dedicated to helping students and their parents with the often daunting and complex college application process. Located in Mt. Kisco, NY, she serves students and families across the tri-state area (Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Bergen and Fairfield Counties) as well as New York City.

Few choices we make have as great an impact on our lives as that of choosing a college. Students and their families may find the decision making process overwhelming as they struggle to evaluate options and make informed choices. Susan counsels students and their families in the selection of educational institutions and programs based upon the student's individual needs and talents. She helps each student complete the application process with personal attention, guiding them through the entire process and advising them on every detail.

Our students attend Ivy League, private, state, specialized and alternative universities  all around the country! Click here to see a list of colleges that our students have chosen over the years.

As an independent consultant working with scores of families, Susan serves as an adjunct to your child’s school counselor, providing advice related to your applications and essays, as well as a timeline to keep you on target.


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